Thursday, 31 July 2014

On writing

Every author, I know, is to write about the process of writing, about acquiring the skill to write, and about what it feels like to write. 
Being just an ordinary freak with a pen (and sometimes a computer) who claims herself as an author (having written and published several novels to this date, I see it as my right to call myself just that, an author, though I still find it hard to believe I can, you know, call myself that), I will do this now. 
Drunk, so nevermind the typos. Let's go Q&A so I can keep track of my thoughts and not leave you with a load of rambling nonsense. 

How did you start writing? 

I started writing when I was about six. That's when I learned my ABCs, see, and as I did, I started putting the letters in straight lines to form words, and the words in straight lines to form sentences, and so on. I like straight lines. 
When I was about six, I remember telling Mom I wanted to be a writer. And a teacher. And a princess, and I'd like a violin, please. Mom said "yes, yes, whatever", and I never got my violin. Nor did I get to be a real princess. 
Stories, however, stayed with me. 
The first ones born were the stories of a little girl, and everyone probably thought I'd grow out of my desire to create strange dreamscapes. I didn't, though, and somehow I still feel I am that child, struggling to form straight lines with words. 
Ever since I was a kid, I've written out my dreams. I take what I see in the land of never-there, and transform it into stories. If you read it, I've dreamt it. 
Or better yet, lived it. 
Writers are seen as nerds and geeks, but in my opinion, we are the ones who really live. 
We see things you dare not imagine, live things you dare not dream of. And through writing, we take you there. 

Why do you write? 

I write because I have to. If I don't write, my dreams and nightmares suffocate me. Writing, in a sense, is a form of therapy. Through it, I process the things I want, things I need, things I can't have, or fear losing. I write to escape reality. I write to gain entrance to the worlds I long to live in. 
I write to keep myself sane. 
Writers don't go to shrinks. Instead, we write out what's bothering us. 

BTW, quirk n:o 666: my head only aches under a thunderstorm. Hurting now, need moar beer. 
Why am I making you read a drunken rambling? Because it's fun for me. Not making you read it, but writing it. Many things can't escape under the control of soberness. After four pints, hidden doors are opened, and secrets pour out, and let's face it, everybody loves secrets. 
Not that mine are especially fascinating. After all, I'm just a geek with a pen. 

Can one learn creative writing by taking a course or what-not? 

I am of two minds about this. 
One can learn to control the flow of the unconscious mind through classes. One can learn editing through classes. One can learn to form a storyline through courses. 
One can not learn to create by having a teacher tell one what to do. 
I believe that those who write are chosen for it. We don't make up the stories, it's more like having a muse, or a demon, hang over our heads who sometimes decides to take a dump on us. It's our job to sort out the mess, and translate it into words. One can not learn that. 
I believe that taking courses on anything that has to do with anything artistic is one sure way to kill, to utterly and completely destroy the power to create. 
In order to make something beautiful, in order to create art, living, breathing art, one is to remain naive. 
In my opinion, only a child can challenge the boundaries of this world. A child is uneducated, unformed, free of all limitations. 
As we take courses and classes, and subject ourselves to the opinions of others, as we force ourselves to think the way we trust others to want us to think, we lose the ability to look at the world through a child's eyes. As we do, we lose the ability to create. 
In order to write, one must remain a child. 
So no, you can't. 
Don't take the course. Instead, take a pen and a notebook, and go out. Sit in the swings, and remember what it was like to be a kid. Find the child within you, look through its eyes, and write what it sees. 
They can't teach that in any class. If they did, we'd all be writers. 

Can one make a lot of money real quick by writing? 

In theory, yes. In practice, maybe not. 
One shouldn't write for the money. One should write out of passion. After all, we are born for this. 
A writer writes because he has to, not because he want's to make a shitload of cash. 
Books are born of desire, not the need for green. So if you want to get rich, got to school, and become an IT-nerd. I hear they're in demand. 

Did you quit your day-job? 

I never had a day-job. So technically, no. 
Actually I do have a job, sort of. I run a small business in fashion, I make patterns for sewing, knitting, and crocheting, and also make make one-of-a-kind garments along with custom orders. 
I'm a seamstress, to put it short, and yes, it's getting in the way of writing a bit. 

Are you proud of yourself as a writer? 

A few days ago, I accidentally said "fuck" on twitter. I'm going to say it again on blogger. 
Fuck yes I'm proud of myself as a writer. 
I've been going over my books during the hot, sweaty July, and I'm amazed at what I've made. Six of my babies are now available on Amazon, and two more are to come. 
If an author weeps reading her finished work, the reader is guaranteed to fill a bucket with their tears. It is both known, and written. 

So you only write books, no Gothic poems and that shit? 

Yes, I only write books. I tried the Gothic poems-thing as a teen, but it just didn't feel right. I'm not a poet, nor do I really get the whole poem-thing. Mr. Poe is the only poet I understand, everything else is just strange words in misshapen lines trying to form a disorganized line. 
As mentioned earlier, I want my words in straight lines. 
It's not that I don't appreciate poems, I just... well, there's people who like tea, and people who like coffee. 
I do write lyrics sometimes. 'Cause, you know, I make music, too, sometimes. 
Like, once every three years now. 

So. Time for quirk n:o 667: I talk to myself. Like, all the time. This is what it sounds like. 
Welcome to my world. 


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