Thursday, 3 July 2014

Quirks, pt. 1

Doing things in an ordinary fashion is out of the question. If it can't be done differently, I'd rather not. I've always been a bit weird, and as life has arranged itself to support my oddness, I develop new, adorable quirks while trying to age gracefully. Curious for more? Just follow the BS-section. 

1. Coffee keeps me calm. Keep me from my caffeine, and I'll throw a hissy-fit at you. 

2. I like to write when I'm close to sleep, either right after waking up, or just before nodding off. That way, dreams are more real, within my grasp. 

3. I start dreaming the moment I fall asleep, and wake up mid-dream. 

4. Routines are important to me. I like my life quiet, slow, and easy. 

5. I'm hypersensitive. I'm often bothered by loud noises, bright light, the weight of the clothes I'm wearing. I think I'd actually like living in a padded cell, without the stray jacket, of course. It would be nice, quiet, and soft. 

6. My favourite food is pizza. If I had my way, I'd eat nothing but pizza. With odd toppings, like broccoli. 

7. I have no concept of time, no spatial awareness, and no sense of direction. 

8. I have a highly addictive personality. If I like something, I get obsessed with it. Current obsession: Oblivion. 

9. Doing new things, like going on Amazon, or taking an unplanned trip, is difficult for me. I go over fail-scenarios in my head, driving myself nuts worrying, and by the time the new thing actually happens, it's no longer new because I've failed it in my mind so many times. 

10. I like to write staring out the window. First drafts of my books are sometimes a bit intangible... 

I just managed to get my books onto Amazon. Two of them are being published as we speak. I'll get back to those once I get over the shock of Doing Something Different. 


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