Friday, 29 August 2014

Quirks, pt 3

1. I'm not the safest driver. I don't speed or anything, I just have a tendency of... drifting. Not on the road, in my head. On a long stretch of road, my eyes lose focus as I stare into another world that's somehow there, just in front of me, only no-one can see it but me. And then I wake up, startled by a corner. Someone really should take away my license. Or get me a personal chauffeur called James who also does the shopping, the cleaning up, and the cooking. 

2. I am prone to minor burnouts. When I'm under stress, I start feeling like I have to work around the clock to get everything done before deadline so I can do some more work. Relaxing is overwhelmingly difficult for me when I have orders to fill. I stop sleeping and eating, and then a song catches me the wrong way, and I think "yeah, it would be really easy to walk through the window". After that, it's Oblivion for a week, TYVM. 
Daily schedule would probably be a very good idea to keep things from getting to me but... well, I have issues with schedules. 

3. Having someone (even me) tell me what to do and when to do it, pushes me to a spiral of "fuck this, I'm going to wonderland". In other words, if I have a schedule, I'll do anything humanly possible to avoid fulfilling duties. 
Charming, yes? And I have a business to run. Stupid ideas never cease happening in my head. 

4. If I can't have cheese and jam with my pancakes, I'll pout. I look cute pouting, but you should still be prepared. Because

5. Being hungry makes me throw things. Low energy levels affect my mood drastically (yes, I know I'm not the only one), and standing in between me and food can cause serious damage. 

6. I'm not a very social person, and when I'm upset, I lose the ability to communicate. The worst things happen when someone asks me what I'd like to eat when I'm hungry and upset. So if you're around when this occurs, bring something, anything to eat, accompanied with a takeout menu. Actually, a bunch of them so I can just point at what I'd like. And you have to order because

7. As mentioned, I'm not a very social person. Small talk with a stranger is a nightmare to me, and making a phone call is to be avoided at all cost. I'd gladly drive an hour if it gets me out of calling someone on the phone. I'm very happy email and customer contact forms came to rescue me from telephones. I do have a phone, but it's most often running out of charge or misplaced. If you called and I didn't pick up, pls send email so I can reply without feeling the pressure of coming up with something witty to say before the other person loses interest and goes away. 

8. Like every introvert, I need me-time after being around people. Quite often I wish I was more social. It would be nice to be able to have friends to go shopping with, or partying, or anything. I guess some of us were made to talk to cats and trees and feel utterly and completely lost. 

I've made myself sad now. And hungry. Must go point at something and hope Husband catches the drift and feeds me before my world collapses. 


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