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The Sha-e-Fa -series (well, most of it, we're still lacking volume Four) is available as ebook and paperback, so I figured I'd shed some more light upon the second part, Sha-e-Fa. 

What is this Sha-e-Fa? 

In the Universe I created for this series, magic still lives. Some of it lives in gems. Some gems are minor in might, some withhold secrets that should remain lost, some of them conceal power beyond the dreams of mortal minds. Sha-e-Fa is one of the stones of power. It hides the power of creation, the bright side of might. 
One could imagine such a treasure to be pure and good, but in my realm, nothing is as it appears. 
Sha-e-Fa is a deadly prize, eager to consume those drawn too close to it, and the might it offers can make all dreams become a reality. 
One must always be careful on what one wishes. The wish might come true. 
And we all know that when all of your dreams are made real, shit hits the fan. 

Two young brothers? Is this a children's book? 

No. Definetely not a kids' book. The brothers sent to find the jewel of power may be young in age, but not in spirit. They are men grown, warriors of heart. These books are filled with blood, pain, and adventure, and I wouldn't recommend them to young children. 
Then again, I am over-protective of the young. Read it, and make up your own mind. But be warned, I do not tell tales of children. 

The dr'chen-race? 

The dr'chen are a warrior race. They co-habit a warm planet with a healing race of toleen. The dr'chen are tall, strong, and blond. The women cut their hair for war, but the men only shave their heads when defeated in battle. 
The dr'chen-race is actually a personal treat for Me: I have a thing for blond, long-haired men, and I wanted my warriors to be utter eye-candy. Also, an ex may have had a little bit to do with the birth of the race. If he happens upon this, love at you, sweet thing. 

Wasn't J'dra a woman? WTF? 

J'dra was born a woman. She is a shape-shifter who took the form of a man to protect... well now, I almost let out a spoiler. We can't have that, can we? Anyway, J'dra lives as a woman, in her true form, in the WizardWars, takes the shape of a man in Sha-e-Fa, and returns to her true nature in Sha-Nazen. Confusing? No, not really. Don't we all have a masculine and a feminine side? 

Portals? Like in Stargåte? 

Portals, yes, but not like in Stargåte (in the series, they put a little circle on the second A, unwillingly forming a Swedish letter Å, which I find an unquenchable source of amusement). The portals in my Universe are forged with magic, back when time was young and wizards still roamed the realms unfeared. They forced might to their will, and formed Portals which open into other worlds. The Portals open to those who seek them, to those who bear the power to summon them, and can be used as a means of transportation. Some races, like the elves, have mastered them, some, like the dwarves, fear them, and some, like the dr'chen, take advantage of them. There are devices through which one can create new Portals, and command existing ones, and sometimes, some of them fall into the wrong hands. 
Might is a treachorous thing, and often has a will of its own. 

For purchase links, please refer to the Books-page. 

As befits a Monday, I've edited this thing fifteen times. If you still catch typos and such, pls remember that Husband's laptop has a Oblivion-related injuries. 

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