Saturday, 13 September 2014


The third volume of the Sha-e-Fa -series offers answers to many questions. And brings just as many new ones. Let's talk about it for a bit. 

What is this Sha-Nazen? 

Like spoken earlier, there are stones in the Universe that hide great power. Sha-Nazen is one those jewels. It is the dark twin of Sha-e-Fa, as eager to malevolence as its bright sister. It can offer great gifts to its bearer, but none of its blessings comes for free. The price is high, and most who have touched the heart of Sha-Nazen, have ended up dead. I don't know if Sha-Nazen ever left the Universe, like Sha-e-Fa did, or who its original master was. All I know is that the stone is not to be trusted. 


Jonda is half toleen, and half dr'chen. She bears the beauty of the toleen, and the war-like blood of the dr'chen. In her, the finest qualities of both races are combined. She has the power to heal, and the fire to fight. She is chosen by the storm, and the legacy of her name follows her on the path of her life. 
I wanted her to be happy, but unfortunately I could not force the tale to take her to a safe haven. Instead, she will have to live out the misfortune that is her existence. 

Mermaids? What's next, fairies? 

Well... maybe. A writer can never tell where the story leads. I first wrote the scene about mermaids in a bus, half-asleep, and after reading it the next day, I got chills. 
Legends are often born from truths half-told. I believe mermaids may well exist, along with fairies. 
If you believe hard enough, they may become true. 
I am almost convinced we'll meet fairies in part four. If it desires to be written. 

Death is unstable at times like these? 

When the Universe trembles on the verge of altering itself, many things become unstable. Death is one of them. 

Hey, this thing ended very aprubtly! 

It did, and I didn't intend it. There is more to the story, though, and I wish I will be given the chance to see it. 
The fourth part of the tale has been gnawing at me for a few years now. 
I fear that when it is time, it will bind me for months. 
Fear, I say, like I didn't long for it to happen. 

The one you left out? 

I left him out for a reason. 
My tall, dark elf has much, much more to say, and I do not yet know him well enough to discuss him. 
I do see him, sometimes, older than time itself, crushing a blossoming branch of a cherry tree in his hand... 

So. Until next time, like I often say. Remember to keep an open mind. It's the secret that will lead you to great adventures. 


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