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I cannot believe I haven't written a word about Dragons! It's one of my favourite stories, and sheds more light on the Sha-e-Fa- series. Let's take a closer look at it, shall we? 

Cover art? 

Dragons is special to me in many ways. It first came to me as an image. I saw a girl atop a high wall, standing there in torn clothes, holding four black dragons. The image haunted me for many years, and as the tale behind it finally began to unfold, I wanted the cover to portray exactly what I saw. 
Unable to draw it myself, I turned to Husband's younger sister, who is a very talented artist. I was vague about what I wanted, and somehow, she still saw the image in my mind, and made it come true. 
Mazu did two versions of the cover, one in charcoal and the other in oil paint, and gave them both to me. I am still amazed by both her talent, and the way she picked the picture out of my head. 
This is the first cover I've had professionally made, and I love it to bits. I hung the original charcoal-version above my desk so I can stare at it while I write, and the coloured version took its place in my bedroom. 


Lucy and Linda. Writer and artist. 
Mazu is the sister I wish I had, along with my own blood, of course. She is very much like me, and still nothing like me. I took the liberty of taking some of her and placing it in Linda. She is the crazy artist, the wild-fire, the one who takes the plunge and lives out every moment as she pleases. And I watch her, silent, clammy as the earth, and live through her, painting pictures with words like she paints with everything else. 
I have never written myself, as I truly am, before. In Dragons, I did. I am Lucy, and she, my sister-in-law, is Linda. 
In the tale, naturally, we are bent, seen through the eyes of the spell-master, but in my heart, I saw us. 
If you think you know us after reading Dragons, you are wrong. Most of the sisters comes from my third eye, only the essence of us remains in them. 

Violence on girls AGAIN? WTF? 

As a girl, I write out many of my nightmares when telling stories. Therefore, many of my books contain violence toward females. I strongly object to men smacking girls around, and wish to make my women strong. Unfortunately life, as well as stories, isn't a fairytale. Bad things happen to good people. 
I don't wish to encourage violence toward women. Instead, I want them to see that there's always a way out. Even if you have to walk through a mirror to find an escape. 


Edric is the high seer in the Temple of the Crystal Hall. Only it's not called that any more, not after the wars. I didn't intend for him to have such an ill fate, but that was beyond my control. I wanted to write him as a wise old man, but the spell-master decided differently. Edric met hardship that broke him in body, but not in spirit, and though he is lost to us, I will remember him with kind affection. 
He was a pain to write, mostly because I lived his agony by his side, through him. What he lost, rises from the depths of my deepest fears. 


Ewyn is Edric's servant. He has stood by Edric's side all his life, and has served him in all ways imaginable. Ewyn is not only a loyal servant, he is the only one Edric can trust, the only one he has ever loved. 
There is much pain and torment between them, but also much love. Where Edric brought to me tears of pain, Ewyn rewarded me with his kindness. He is one of the characters that creep into the tale and share different views on events. Where Edric's pain rose from my night-time terrors, Ewyn's kindness was born from the purity of my soul. 


The only dragon I have written about before this tale was Lindea. She was small, kind, and orange. These ones were quite different from her. They were black and fierce, chained predators. 
Starting the tale, I had only a vague recollection of whence they came from, but as the words formed a clearer picture, I was horrified of what they revealed. 
I couldn't tell the whole story of how these dragons came to be. Their origin must wait for volume four. 

But this is volume five! 

So it is. 
I don't decide the order stories are given to me. I write what the spell-master wishes me to write. 
Right now, it wants me to spend time with Rita and Belinda and a haunted house I just happen to live in. 
Well, after them, I fear Dragons may fly again.


Heather Wielding

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