Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Mousetrap 2: In the Streets - making of pt 1

We hear you're still alive? 

I am still very much alive, thanks for asking. The last year was quite strange for me, strange and stressful, so I buried myself under a pile of rubble just to be safe.
Actually, I had a really rough year, and I'm a bit astonished over the fact that I made it out alive. And in one piece. And relatively sane.
Things are better now, and I've come out from under the pile of rubble.

We also hear you're writing again! 

I'm still writing, not again.
A writer never ceases to write, he only ceases to publish.
I've been writing all this time, only I've been under an enormous amount of stress and my efforts of writing something worth publishing have gone horridly wrong.
Writing is a delicate thing. I can only write when I feel like I have my life sort of under control.

Have you gone back to the Mousetrap? 

Well... a bit, yes.

Why did do that? 

Why wouldn't I? I love the concept of the Mousetrap, the way unwilling victims are made stars in a flesh-splitting, blood-spilling realityTV-show. I love the characters, and I love creating new ones for this particular place.
And Jeremy with his impossibly white smile is just so hard to get away from.
Call me crazy, but I like torturing people to death. In the Mousetrap, I get to do just that.
In a safe, controlled environment, namely, my head.

Are you having nightmares again? 

This morning, I woke up to a horrifying dream of someone hugging me to death only to find someone arranging blankets for me before going to work. So yes, sort of. I've also developed a delightful trait of having nightmares while I'm almost fully awake. That makes writing much, much easier.
And scarier.
If I don't need to sleep in order to have nightmares, what keeps them from coming to life?

Will you keep on writing, or will you disappear on us again? 

I'll try to.
In life, one can't make promises. They will always be broken, no matter how hard you fight to keep them.
But for now I am here, and I am writing.
Safe, relatively sane, very low on things to flip out about.

I'll try to talk you through the writing process of the book I'm currently working on. I've wanted to do this for quite awhile, but- well, when writing doesn't feel good, it doesn't feel good to make noise about what I'm working on.
Now it feels good. A bit slow compared to the old days, but there's life in these old hands yet.
Follow me on Twitter for regular updates on the Mousetrap 2: In the Streets. I'll try to post daily, but feel free to poke me if I forget.

Until next time.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Craig Loves Luna, 1

Once upon a time, I lived in a haunted house. 
A house, in which someone had died in a most violent way. 

Once upon a time, I spent a night in that house in a fever-haze. 
During that night, a story came to me. 
I lived it, breathed through the birth, sweaty, trembling in fear and terror. 

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I found the courage to start writing down the horror of that feverish night.

A lot has happened after that night. I've left The House, I've gotten divorced, I've moved to a big city.
You know, it's funny, people always tell you that big cities make them feel scared, like the people around them are trying to get to them. 

I no longer have any fear of the living. 
It's the dead that scare me. 

The story called Craig Loves Luna started coming to life almost a year ago. I've been channelling it on and off during my time of transition, and I hope to see it finished in the year to come. 

It is a story based on true events. 

I know horror stories based on "true events" are often the biggest let down, but mine is real. 

I lived in a haunted house, in which a most macabre act came to be, and I wish to share the tale with you. 

Like it, or not.