Friday, 7 July 2017

Quirks, pt. 4

1. I don’t like biting into things. I’d much rather tear food into mouth-sized pieces.
which I actually do.
I think Mom didn’t let me play with my food enough when I was a kid, and now as a grown-up, I’m trying to compensate.

2. I play rather than watch TV. I want to be in charge of what happens in entertainment, and when gaming, I can.

3. I don’t like wind. It tears at my clothes and pushes hair into my eyes and mouth. It’s like a person touching me in an unwanted way. Also, I’m not very heavy, and when the wind is particularly strong, it’s difficult to stay on the ground.

4. I have never in my life experienced baby fever. I don’t like children, and babies make me want to run away screaming. I went to the shops yesterday, and actually hissed as a reflex when a baby made eye contact with me. Its owners didn’t seem too happy about that.

5. I’m a sucker for kittens, though. I’m allergic, so I can’t have one (nor would the spouse allow me to adopt, like, three kittens) but I follow Kitten Academy’s live stream almost religiously. I know the kittens by name, and worry over them when they come down with a flu or can’t find a furever home.

6. I miss my mouse more than my ex-husband.

7. I break if I take a nap. I’ve been tricked into falling asleep in the middle of the day a few times now. After, I wander around half-asleep without being able to fully function as a human being. The spouse refers to this phenomenon as “The Nap Zombie”, and laughs shamelessly.

8. I don’t like candy. I eat chocolate, yes, but those colorful little things made with gelatine and artificial flavor are disgusting. Where others eat candy, I eat cherry tomatoes.
actually I eat a hell of a lot of them.

9. I don’t like fish. Unless it’s raw. If I had my way, I’d eat sushi every day. When cooked, fish develops a fishy taste I really don’t care for. That taste is absent in raw fish.

10. I love fantasy RPGs. Except Skyrim. I’ve finally played through it, and it ticked me off so well I wrote a huge rant about it. I promise to publish it at some point.
Ugh, even thinking about all the ways Bethesda ruined Skyrim makes me all upset.

So there. Ten more things you now know about me. How do you like that?

Heather Wielding