Heather Wielding is a Finnish author, specializing in both urban and traditional fantasy. To date, she has written and published several novels, which are available as ebooks on Amazon. Some of her novels are also available in print. Below, You'll find links and short descriptions of Heather's novels. 


Old age has crept upon Ingold the Great, the most powerful wizard in the known Universe. It is not fear of death that drives him to summon J'dra, an elven half-breed, to study the ways of might in his castle upon Wizard's Peak, but desire to teach all he knows to a willing apprentice before it is time for him to walk in the World of the Dead. But Ingold gets more than he bargained for as love enters his lonely world, and turns all that he once knew into a mockery of itself. And all the while, dread towards magic grows stronger in the known worlds of the Universe, threatening to wipe wizards out of existence. Is fear stronger than love, or will darkness devour all of the Universe, driving mages into extinction? 

As the earth moves, high seer J'dra knows the Balance of the Universe to be in danger. An ancient artefact is taken from its grave in the World of the Dead, and with it, rises a dark force. J'dra sends two young brothers to find the source of all evil, and as he does, his peaceful life as high seer is shattered. 
Portals open to take the brothers to unknown realms, and the Balance hangs by a thread. Might struggles to break free, and J'dra travels to Wizard's Peak to seek aid from Ingold the Great, only to find nothing as it was. 
The Universe is shifting, and the might of Sha-e-Fa alone is to blame. Will the brothers find a way to stop it from tearing the Balance apart? Or will darkness rule all known realms once more... 

The world has changed, and with it, magic itself has altered. White and dark are no longer bound, and those who once knew the ways of might, can no more command it. In this changed realm, Br'non seeks his lost love, unaware of her being trapped in a life-threatening Game. 
As the Empress rises to dominate all known realms, even the mightiest of wizards stand helpless. A dark force has risen, and the Balance of the Universe nears its final destruction. 
And all the while, something small and very grey, walks unseen. Will a shadow prove to be mightier than all the forces of the Universe combined? Or will the Balance fall into darkness, leaving all known realms to ruin... 

Imprisoned by four chains forged with might, four black dragons fly over a city, terrorizing it with their presence alone. As the girl holding them is consumed, high seer Edric finds himself faced with a dilemma: how long will the girls keep entering the realm through portals hidden in lakes of silver? How long will the chains hold the dragons before might eventually gives in? 
His questions go un-answered, and more are roused as two girls enter the realm instead of one, sisters in blood and spirit, blessed by magic itself just like all the girls before them. 
As events unfold, worlds are bound together and barriers of existence lost. Death, as unstable as it is at times like these, once more collects its own, and all the while, dragons fly, imprisoned by four enchanted strings, held by a girl tied to a high wall. 
Will they fly free? Or will dragonfire consume the last of the girls and leave the city in flames... 

Children of the Night

Some things are too precious to be wasted. Like love. And blood. 

From its violent beginning, Jay's life is paved with death. Sired by a vampire, born to a human mother, Jay is the only known half-breed to walk the earth. Desperate to find her place, oblivious to the ways of her immortal kin, Jay finds herself in the jaws of the prison system, and in the bounds of a mortal lover. As Others learn of her existence, Jay's time starts ticking out. Love and blood bind her to a life she understands little about, and in the end, only death is certain. Love conquers all, it is said. But can it withhold the pain of blood?

In the end, many things prove meaningless. Part from love. And blood.

Centuries ago, They came to deliver a farmer's son into darkness, demanding blood as payment for life eternal. Darren did not choose a vampire's path, but has walked it willingly for decades, considering Them as enemy. To ease his loneliness, he sires a child to a mortal woman. To share his darkness, he draws a girl named Belinda into his ever-lasting night.
A stranger to his mortal kin, isolated from his immortal brethren, Darren seeks companionship, understanding of his dark nature. Bounds of love come to challenge the weight of death. Will blood prove stronger than eternal affection?


The Mousetrap is a new kind of game show. Instead of testing the wits of its guests, it sends them on a flesh-splitting escapade through the House, the Mousetraps elaborate set filled with traps and contraptions designed to sever skin and inflict pain. Sam and Gina, son and mother, find the House by accident, but sign the Deal willingly at the request of Jeremy, Mousetrap's charming host. As they embark upon their week-long journey to earthly wealth, millions of spectators hang on to their seats: will the new contestants live? And how much blood will they leave behind?

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The world has changed. Food is scarce, and hunger a constant companion. As new products start arriving to grocery stores across the US, consumers turn their hope to John Smith, the founder of Manflesh Corporation. Little do they know that Manflesh is feeding them meat taken from human beings... 
No secret can remain hidden for all times, and as bits and pieces of truth begin to drip out, John Smith finds himself in a desperate situation. A new illness is taking over, and Manflesh Co becomes an easy scapegoat. But is it alone to blame? Is there another secret hidden in the darkness behind John Smith...
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